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Dear Respected Members, Families, and Potential Members,

In alignment with Clauses 16, 17, 18 of PACA’s constitution, I am calling an Annual General Meeting of our paid members at 6:30 pm on Friday, 23.12.22 in person at Brisbane City Council Sunnybank Hall – Corner of Lister and Gager St, Sunnybank, QLD (conditional to first 50 members RSVP’d) & via Zoom (as per Association Incorporation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020). The online Zoom link will be shared with paid members 48 hours before the AGM.

As per Clause 16 b of PACA’s constitution, we will have the following items on our agenda:

• Progress in the last year

• Financial Reporting

• The election of members of the executive committee. The election process will be explained to the members on the day.

PACA is keen on its mission to raise the Pakistani flag highest in Queensland, get our Pakistani community recognised as one of the most proactive communities of Queensland, and most importantly provide support to each and every Pakistani in distress.

PACA’s Annual Report and Financial Performance 2021PACA’s last year’s Annual Report and Financial Performance Report is available for Download

PACA Family & Membership: Pakistan Australian Cultural Association is nothing without its members, and definitely look forward to your support and membership. Please join the PACA family by signing up for membership/renewal by following this link: Click Pakistan Australian Cultural Association – FY23 Memberships (renewal & new). The membership cutoff date is 18th December 2022 for attending AGM.

‘All Pakistanis born in Pakistan or naturalized as Pakistani nationals, or the descendants and spouses of Pakistani nationals’ are eligible to become members.

Election: Should any eligible member want to contest the election, please request the Nomination Form by contacting and submit it by no later than 6:30 pm on Wednesday, 21st December 2022. PACA’s President and Executive Committee welcomes active participation, ensuring fair elections with Third Parties involved, and look forward to providing all support to contest Elections ensuring & upkeeping democratic values.

Please note that in this period approaching the AGM, PACA ceases to continue any activity related to its day-to-day running and business. This includes team meetings and other communication activities except for the preparation of the AGM. Only activities related to enhancing PACA’s profile will continue where necessary. Communication to or from the executive members will not have any relevance nor be legally binding.

For any questions, please reply back or by contacting PACA President/volunteer Syed Asghar Naqvi on 0424744111. As volunteers, we can take up to 24-48 hours to return any queries.


Yours Sincerely,

Farhad Akthar Durrani.

PACA Secretary