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Community Update for IT Professionals & Students in Queensland

💻Community Update for IT Professionals & Students in Queensland 💻
Looking forward to an exciting evening today at the “Pakistani IT Professionals in Qld – Inaugral meet & greet” event happening at Upper Mt Gravatt Progress Hall! 🤝
📅 When: Today, September 13th, 6:00 PM
📍 Where: Upper Mt Gravatt Progress Hall
It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect, network, and share insights with fellow IT professionals & Lead recruiters right here in Queensland. Don’t miss out on this inaugural meet & greet and workshop.
Note: This is not PACA event but we wholeheartedly endorse and stand behind the launch and vision of Pakistani IT Professionals in Queensland, and to provide comprehensive support to Pakistani Australian Professional bodies (APDOQ, FinPro, PACA Engineering, PIQ) in Queensland.