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Our Services

Not For Profit

We are a “Not for Profit” organisation with limited resources but our community impact is huge. We can be contacted for a number of services and we try to provide as much support as possible.

Support When Needed

We offer support to newly arrived students, migrants and families who may require help. This is mainly through approaching the community and asking for support with settling down.


Struggling individual or a family with any ongoing issues? Talk to us and we can either offer advisory support or approach relevant community members who may be in a position to provide monetary help.

Volunteer For Us

We organise events to raise funds for our association. These events take place with the help of volunteers. So if you would like to help us please contact the PACA Secretary and be a part of a noble cause.

Community Gatherings

We arrange community gatherings on our cultural festivals like Eid ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha. We also arrange gatherings on the special occasions which have special significance with Pakistani culture and religious history.

Migration Advice

If you are planning to migrate from Pakistan to Australia and have questions regarding visa applications and trends, please let us know and we might be able to direct you specialists that you can contact directly.

Become a Donor Member

Our organisation relies on your donations. We help bring hundreds of members together through our events and activities. Sign up with our membership program today to become a regular donor.

Spread The Word

We need your help with increasing the membership of PACA. To facilitate this we have set up regional sub committees. Please be an active part of them and spread the message about our activities and services.